It’s been a long time since my last blog. While I started writing a number of times, it was nothing I wanted to post. I’ve been very preoccupied trying to manage my neuropathic pain and I didn’t want to depress anyone with where my head was at. I’m having a bad year (I think it’s the unsettled weather and decrease in training), but I’m trying hard to stay positive. These past couple of weeks at the cottage have been better.

A few months ago a doctor of mine who specializes in neuroplasticity recommended a book called Dissolving Pain, by Dr. Les Fehmi. I eagerly read it and put the guidance into practice. It’s essentially guided meditation that I did every day for over a month. I was hopeful that my next blog post would be “I’ve figured out this nerve pain”, but unfortunately, it hasn’t helped. Feeling like I’ve exhausted all of the alternatives, I finally made the decision to try medicinal cannabis. After meeting with my GP and a doctor specializing in medicinal marijuana, two different kinds of cannabis oils that I can ingest were prescribed.

It’s been 6 weeks and I’ve tried the daytime and nighttime oils at increasing dosages, but so far the most significant effects of this medicine is a guaranteed evacuation of my bowels, and the last time I up’d the dosage, blurred vision and a headache the following day.  The blurred vision was so worrisome that I actually looked up the symptoms of having a stroke.  This is not the outcome I was hoping for.  I know there are many strains of cannabis and I’ll have to experiment. But I’m only able to do so when my pain levels are significant and my schedule is free. I can’t try a medicine if I need to drive somewhere or meet with someone that day, so it limits the opportunities. Wish me luck as I try to figure this out.

While all the press is great, this is even better...  The last boys' weekend they surprised me with RockTheChair shirts.  I love these guys  :)

On to some exciting news. Working with a long-time colleague and friend, Sharon Lassman (PR expert and founder of Purpose Ink, I finally got added to a premier speakers’ bureau.  Keynote Speakers Canada will be recommending me for corporations and organizations looking for an inspiring keynote speaker. I’m very excited and look forward to getting in front of some new audiences. 

In terms of press, it’s been a few busy months (also thanks to Sharon). In February, Brandie Weikle, host of The New Family, interviewed me for a Pod Cast. . In June, Toronto Life shared my story, and just before the August long-weekend, Today’s Parent (with 2.5 million twitter followers) focused on how my expectations and experiences of parenting changed after my accident.  Last week, Mark Sutcliffe from 1310 NEWS in Ottawa interviewed me for his radio program, and yesterday, Susan Hay ran the interview we did a couple of weeks ago for Global News

I assume that friends and family are tired of hearing my story. I understand -- I’m actually a little tired of it too. However, the idea of inspiring someone new to be more active and appreciative really does excite me. I want the world to value the abilities they have, and then to use them. Time doesn’t lessen my difficulty encountering people who are too lazy to go for a walk and would rather complain about little things that aren’t perfect. The idea of going for a walk on the beach or through the forest with my girls, throwing my leg over a motorcycle, or even something as simple as walking onto a boat, makes me miss the ability to walk and the ease with which I used to do those things. But I try not to dwell on it, and rather focus on what I can still do.  Oh… funny story.  You should have seen me cutting sheets of plywood with a skill saw the other day. I had to stop every 3 feet to move my chair forward and put the brakes back on, but with a little help from my girls I did it!

It's been 6 years since I last raced around Calabogie. I was scared and slow to start, but by the end of the day the pace started picking up. My good friend, Glenn, made it possible -- thanks buddy!

One last positive update to leave you with. Now that I’m not training for an Ironman, I’ve made a point of getting to the race track this year.  So far I’ve gotten out for one track day in my car and two on my motorbike. Just enough speed, danger, fear and exhilaration to feel alive. The track is still my happy place. Before the season is out I’m hoping to get in a few ATV days in my side by side and maybe another motorcycle track day.  Lots of other stuff on the go though, but that will be discussed in my next blog.  Till then, take care (and go for a walk or a roll).  :) Thanks for reading!  Rob